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Grass FED & finished Beef

Grass Fed and Finished Beef

Our animals are 100% grass fed and finished, receiving no grain, hormones, or antibiotics. Grass finished beef has been proven to have superior health benefits.

Low Stress Handling

We believe treating our animals in a low stress environment helps to promote better overall animal health. Our animals receive the highest form of respect and care throughout their lives.

High Quality Breeding

 Our careful selection genetics promote healthy animals and the highest quality grass-fed meat. Our animals are developed with great care and selection to best suit the high desert climate and grasslands. We select our breeding stock based on ultrasound data to determine tenderness and marbling, bringing you the best quality grass-finished beef on the market. 

Regenerative Agriculture

By practicing regenerative agriculture, no-till farming, cover cropping, and rotational grazing we are improving soil health, which ultimately improves the water cycle. We do not apply pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizer, thereby increasing biodiversity in our soils and assures a healthier product to your table.

We at Four Lazy F Ranch believe in the highest standards for meat quality, animal handling, genetics, and land stewardship. Not only are we assisting the land with regenerative agriculture, we believe that our high standards of breeding, feed quality, and stress free handling create happy, healthy cattle and a difference you can taste.

We have the highest quality beef

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